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Tanah Abang Market

The South East Asia Biggest Textiles and Apparels Wholesale Center

Pasar Tanah Abang (Tanah Abang Market) is the biggest trading center for textiles and apparels product, Located in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.  The site location is also close to the Indonesia central business, Jakarta Golden Triangle, Sudirman-Thamrin-Rasuna Said, easy to reach from any direction inside Jakarta. 

Block A, a part of Tanah Abang Market Complex
At present, Pasar Tanah Abang is the biggest wholesale textiles and its derivates product in Indonesia, and one of the biggest in the region. Retailer easily found wholesale trader of various clothes, jeans, kids clothes, baby apparels, shoes, bag, batik and accessories. There are thousands of wholesalers  open their outlet here.

Tanah Abang Market has long history, this market firstly developed by, a property owner Justin Vinck on August 30, 1735. At first Tanah Abang Market is open only every Saturday, and called as Saturday Market, by the time Tanah Abang (popular name of Pasar Tanah Abang)   was able to compete with Pasar Senen another traditional market that older and more famous at that time. 

Tanah Abang market growth faster after construction of Tanah Abang Railway Station, this construction then followed by developing of public facilities like Al Makmur Mosque and Pagoda Hok Tek Chen Sien as the supporter.

Along with its growing, the local government renovated Pasar Tanah Abang into a modern wholesale center. So far two block of Tanah Abang already renovated, Pasar Tanah Abang changed from a traditional market into a wholesale center. Now, the number of stalls at the ground Tanah Abang Market has more than 15,000 kiosks. As planned, one by one each blocks member of Pasar Tanah Abang will be developed into a giant modern wholesale complex.

Jeans wholesaler and his costumers
As the biggest apparels and textiles market in Indonesia and region, Pasar Tanah Abang prepares complete textiles and apparel product in wholesale scale and customers came from regions across Indonesia archipelago, some traders from Southeast Asia, as well as from several African countries, according to them, the retailer costumers, wholesale price here is relatively competitive.

The three most important of Pasar Tanah Abang Complex are Block A, Block B and Metro Tanah Abang. Block A is one of Pasar Tanah Abang Block, that already renovated become a big modern market, in this block  you can find  many sellers of fabric, batik, kebaya marriage, Muslim clothing, men dress suits, shoes, and bags spread over of 12 floors. Totally, block A have 18 floors, 12 floors used as stores, the rest 5 floors used for parking facility and 1 as food court. The food court can be found on eighth Floor there are convenient food court areas where the restaurants are also well-known fast food with a variety options.

African Costumer
Block B has also been renovated into a modern textile market, consisting of 17 floors and is built on an area of 1.2 hectares. From the total floors available, only 10 floors are prepared for shopping area, with a capacity of 5,000 stores, or half of Block A. The remaining seven floors are parking areas that able to accommodate 1600 four-wheel vehicles. This building built by taking similar architectural form to Block A has 22 elevators and 163 escalators. Block A and B painted with similar color; green. Items that sold in this block are relatively similar to those that sold in block A.

Metro Tanah Abang is place for fully wholesaler’s transaction, so we cannot buy in retail here. In contrast to the two blocks above, Metro Tanah Abang  which only about 100 meters away from the block A, there is no traders grouping, at the Metro Tanah Abang, we can find different types of traders in the same floor.

Block F also consists of several floors. Majority traders here are the Moslem Dress seller, but we still can find other male clothing’s or menswear. Especially for Moslem Dress price on this location is lower quite relevant comparing to the similar brand that sold in Block A and Block B. However, block F condition is not as comfortable as the first two blocks above.

Pasar Tanah Abang is also one of center of Muslim fashions of the world. When shopping here do not be surprised if you will find many foreigners such as Arabs people, Malaysia, and China.

Pickpockets alert. Be careful when shopping at the shopping areas. Tanah Abang market is always full with visitors. You should spread your money in some places, such as wallets, purses, and bags. Do not put all the money on one only wallet.

Try not to come into this market on weekends, or holidays, because on such days will be very crowded. 

Enjoy the new experience of shopping at a giant wholesale market of textile and clothing products in Indonesia. Remember there are more than twenty thousands wholesalers doing business in one complex. Guaranteed low prices with quality products, for this statement you can check it by yourself. 

Do not worry hotels and other lodging facilities available near to the spot location.

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